2021 Online Symposium

Thursday - Sunday, April 22 - 25 (April 23 - 26 in Aus/NZ)



A cross-model, Online Symposium 

for Equine Facilitators

and others wishing to team with horses to aid

in experiential learning and coaching in horsemanship, mounted work, or unmounted, therapy, healing, and spiritual enrichment!

Join the Gathering ~ from Home!


Time Zone - compatible for people in North and South America, Europe and the UK, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, 3 all-conference sessions with Linda Kohanov and others, highly experiential nature of the breakout sessions, and gatherings for reflection are what make our symposium:




Two Types of Experiential Activities Make this Symposium Uniquely Effective:

All-Conference Speakers:  On Friday April 23rd, a panel of Speakers made up of Lynn Thomas, Kathy Alm, Wendy Wood, Debbie Anderson, Lissa Pohl, and Joann Benjamin will share their recommendations to the field about terminology we use to identify our services with horses, as well as the learning they gained in developing these recommendations.  Then on Saturday, we have Linda Kohanov sharing her new course, Connections 101: Life Lessons from the Herd, which is a high-quality, in depth multimedia course that offers a way to learn from Linda, without the travel.  As well, an interactive All-Conference session with Carol College's Marie Suthers will allow conference goers to be part of her research into key needs for academic training of students aspiring to become professionals in Equine Assisted Services (EAS). You will have a voice in her research of what the field needs! 

Opening Ceremonies and Fireside Chats: Poetry, music, and discussion allow you to set intentions, engage in visualization and planning, integrate, and commune with others from around the world. 

Smaller Group Facilitations with Horses: Each day, you choose your favorite topic and join a more intimate learning group. In these smaller breakout sessions with horses in videoed demonstrations, you will experience as a participant in interaction with the presenter. Learn an aspect of facilitation, observe the process, and engage in discussion. Journal prompts and discussion will help you apply your learning to your own practice.

About the Online Symposium

The Online Healing with Horse Symposium, held April 22 - 25 (April 23-26 in Aus/NZ), will be in Zoom meeting rooms so that YOU can attend, LIVE, in YOUR time zone. This means that, from North America to Europe, the UK, and Africa, you can attend without the travel. As well, if you are busy those days or the times are in your sleep times, you can purchase the entire set of events as recordings!
Time Converter and Schedule:
The Online Symposium is held LIVE to accommodate for all the timezones we could. Below are the start times for each day and how long the sessions go:
April 22:    Symposium begins Thurs at 4pm MST ~ 6pm EST ~ 3pm PST
and goes for 4 hours
April 23: Friday (Sat for AUS/NZ): 4pm GMT ~ 10am EST ~ 7am PST
                 and goes for 7 1/2 hours with a 1 hour meal break
April 24: Saturday: 4pm GMT ~ 10am EST ~ 7am PST
                and goes for 7 1/2 hours with a 1 hour meal break
April 25: Sunday: 5pm GMT ~ 11am EST ~ 8am PST
                and goes for 6 1/2 hours
Click the Time Zone Converter below to help you find the time to start in your Time Zone:

Time Zone Converter

Here are the types of sessions and events of this First ever ONLINE Healing with Horse Symposium:

The All-Conference Sessions

We have not one, but THREE:

  • On Friday April 23rd (Sat April 24 for Aus/NZ): 7 leaders from a number of the training / certifying / professional organizations in the U.S. have done something that has been attempted a few times in the past couple of decades, but never reached such consensus. They have provided a proposal for languaging our practice with horses, as well as proposing a universal acronym for your practice. These leaders are:
    • Wendy Wood, PhD, professor, Animal Sciences and Occupational Therapy and Director of Research, Temple Grandin Equine Center, Colorado State University
    • Kathy Alm, BA, CEO, PATH Intl.
    • Joann Benjamin, PT, American Hippotherapy Association
    • Lynn Thomas, LCSW, Founder/CEO of Eagala
    • Debbie Anderson, CEO, Strides to Success
    • Lissa Pohl, MA, University of Kentucky and Equine Experiential Education Association
    • Michele Kane, MA, Major, USMC (Ret.), Hearts & Horses, Inc.
They will be presenting from their article published in the The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine on their findings and recommendations. This is an important piece of work, and I hope you will find it valuable to your own thoughts about how you define or label your practice. You can read the published journal article here or click the image to the right.
  • Saturday, April 24 (Sun April 25 for Aus/NZ): Linda Kohanov will be providing a really lovely offering as an all-conference event (sort of like a keynote speech) to share her new multi-media course, Connections 101: Life Lessons from the Herd. Learn from the course, and pass on the learning by building programming for your own clients around this landmark body of information. Linda will suggest ways this course can enhance your programming, and how you can be supported to teach this material through her network of trained EponaQuest consultants. This is the most accessible Linda's work has ever been. This is truly exciting material, and a talk you will NOT want to miss!
  • Sunday April 25 (Mon the 26th for Aus/NZ): Dr. Marie Suthers, Chair of Carroll College's Anthrozoology Department, will facilitate an interactive All-Conference forum with Juli Lynch supporting, so that she can hear from YOU about what college and other training programs that seek to support the growth of Equine Assisted Services (EAS) into a career industry need to know to provide the best training and education for students. What do you want new practitioners to know? What support did--or do--you need to be successful? This will be a brainstorming session in which all conference goers have an opportunity to brainstorm, and learn, as well as express, what is essential to the growth and mainstreaming of healing teamwork with horses.

The Breakouts

Breakout or concurrent sessions will include small-group sessions from the Tele Summit Speakers as well as others in 7 Breakout Session Times with 3-4 concurrent sessions each time. That's a total of 24 sessions, 7 of which you can attend LIVE, and the rest you can watch later if you purchase the Full Package of Symposium Live + Recordings. Categories of topics include:

    • Cultivating heart presence as self-awareness
    • Calming & coregulation of the nervous system
    • Facilitation skills both in person and for online settings that meet the global needs of these times
    • How horsemanship can be taught to enhance consciousness, relationship, and wellness--for human AND horse
    • How healing can be amplified in community or group settings, or in ways that are reciprocal
    • Holistic healing support, as well as facility and equine management that enhances your horses' wellbeing, wherever they live
    • Understanding what's possible with your horses through cultivating reciprocity and connection; and building your nonverbal, intimate and honoring language with your horses
    • Create shifts within the session from presenters who practice their own channeling of messages that heal that which cannot be moved by your efforts at self-improvement alone.

And More!

  • The conference (as were the tele summit talks) will be enlivened with original music from musician Tiffany MacNeil. The Tele Summit talks are graced with Tiffany's award-winning song, "Walk Side By Side," as the opening and closing, and we'll include it in the Symposium as well. Here's a link to the song! As well, Tele Summit Speaker Kat Cornelius will read her horse-inspired poetry at opening ceremonies, while nature poet Jason Fales will open each Fireside Chat with an original poem to set an expansive mood as we move into integration and connection time. Fotini Chandrika Walton has offered short movement videos you can utilize during the 15-minute breaks between sessions and at meal times, to keep you fresh and alert. 
  • Time spent at an online Fireside Chat will mimic the in-person conference tradition of a Fire Circle with elders in the field, and many of the Symposium Presenters will be in attendance so you can informally listen and converse on the Zoom session. This is my favorite event!
  • A private Facebook Group to help you share and network prior to, during, and after the Online Symposium dates.
  • The total number of hours in sessions is 22 hours over the course of 4 days! Day 1 (Thurs) is 4 hours. Day 2 and 3 (Fri/Sat) are 6 1/2 hours plus an hour meal time. Day 4 is 6 1/2 hours.

Inspire     Uplift     Empower     Educate

Past years' symposiums have received the highest of praise, with a consensus of attendees, participants and presenters alike saying things like, “The BEST conference I have ever been to, EVER!” “I give it a 10+!” and “Off the charts AMAZING!”



Ways to Attend this First Ever ONLINE Symposium!

You can attend the conference in three different ways:
  • You can attend the conference Live on Zoom. You will choose one session from the 3-4 breakout sessions, and attend the 7 breakout sessions as well as the all-conference presentations, opening ceremonies and fireside chats. This way to attend is a massive value. At $250, it is far less than half the price of attendance of the in-person conference.
  • You can purchase the Full Package, which provides you with the live experience and networking, as well as offering the recordings so that you can see everything you missed. With 7 concurrent session times and 3-4 choices each time, that means there will be 17 small-group sessions you cannot attend live. Having the recordings means you get all the learning the Symposium has to offer, from truly innovative presenters. You receive the 3 All-Conference Events and all 24 90-minute Small Group Concurrent Sessions. It's an incredible package deal at $600
  • You can purchase the recordings only. This is a fantastic option for those who cannot attend during the April dates. At $450, you receive all recordings of the three All Conference Presentations and the 24 90-minute Breakout Sessions. You can purchase the Conference set at any time, from before the conference to any time this year after April 25. There will be a short delay in getting the recordings up, but then they are yours.
  • AND, when you purchase any of the three options above, you receive an offer to purchase the 2021 Tele Summit as well, at 20% off the regular price.
Do you want to be part of the inner workings of the conference? Do you have more advanced Zoom skills? Check out our work-study option, which allows you to attend for free and to receive the recordings. More information is on our Blog and in Newsletters. Or you can email Diedre West.

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