2016 Tele Summit Series

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Session 1: Linda Kohanov
How the Five Roles of a Master Herder Open Powerful Avenues for Learning with Horses

For a sampler of Linda's Session click the Audio Player below:


Session 2:      Lynn Thomas
The EAGALA Model: A Collaborative Evolution

For a sampler of Lynn's Session click the Audio Player below:


Session 3: Joanne Byrnes & Saan Ecker
Constellations with Horses: Working with Energetic Consciousness

For a sampler of Jo & Saan's Session click the Audio Player below:


Session 4: Karin Bauer
Art Guidance Cards: A Pathway to Self-Knowing and Valuable Supplement to Equine Sessions


Session 5: Nina Ekholm Fry
Neuro-bio-based Mind-Body Integration: A Three-Stage Equine Assisted Process

For a sampler of Nina's Session click the Audio Player below:


Session 7: PANEL Carol CaddesKedra Holderman, & TJ Killoran

The Vocational Journey: How three women have found their paths in Equine Assisted Practice


Session 8: Joe Camp

From Benji to Cash and Beyond: Horse (and Dog!) Ownership as Self-Transformation


Session 9: Alejandra Lara

Live the Work: Tips to Develop an EFL Program at a Multi-Use Facility


Session 10: Trish Broersma

How Horses Can Reveal Patterns and Habits in Our Use of Our Bodies’ Three “Brains”


Session 13: Priscilla Marden

Empowerment in the Long-Term Relationship: Horse Warriors’ Riding and Horsemanship Programs


Session 14: PANEL Kate NeliganJuli Lynch, & Ann Alden

Special Projects: A Film, a Book, and Research on Elder People and Horses


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